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Re: November board

Amy- I think you're right about it being easier to branch out with girl names. I love the name Nathan...that would be on my list excpet DH knew a Nathan type of deal. That's what I say to my patients when they are unsure about names yet is that sometimes you'll know when you  wait and see the baby. Hope some energy comes back your way! The zoo is a lot of fun! That is so cool about the picks of their embryos I hope we get some!


Faith- That's exciting you got to tell your sister and Mom! Wowszer, July sounds like it's going to be crazy Birthday month for your famly! My guess is give it a couple more weeks and you'll have some more symptoms either that or you'll be one of the lucky ones that doesn't :smileywink:


AFM- After a lot of discussion....we are planning on transfering two embryos unless something comes up. It costs so much money to do IVF at all that we really would like to increase our chances. only a couple days until the SIS and then 6 days to the supresssion check!