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Tara- That was always my fear when choosing a name. I didn't want to choose a common name, but I didn't want it so different that they would have a hard time with it either. We obviously ended up with a very common name. It would have been less so had we had a girl. I think it's easier to branch out with girl names then boy names. We didn't have a name till the day he was born, we had a few floating around but my hubby believes you need to see them before you know the name for sure. After having Nathan I agree, we won't have a name set in stone for this one either. So excited for your journey to continue. Sounds like you'll be busy. One of the gals in my MOPS group brought in a picture of the two eggs they used for IVF when they had their daughter, it was pretty neat to see. Did you guys decide to go with one or two eggs? Or still not sure?

Alix- Bryce is a cute name. I agree, much more of a boy name. But a girl could probably pull it off too.

Christine- Glad to hear all is going well! Jordyn is adorable! I am doing pretty good. Super tired, occasionally nauseous but mostly not bad. Trying to keep my anxiety in check, thankfully my little man keeps me busy enough I don't have the same kind of time I had when I was pregnant with him to dwell on the what ifs. AND thankfully I realize just how big the reward is for everything I will likely go through again.

Isra- Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to see AF is here for you.

AFM- We went to the zoo today. Always fun. When we got home I collapsed into bed, jacket and all, I'm surprised I didn't wake up wearing shoes. I remember being tired with Nathan but nothing near this tired. Guess I do more to burn energy now then I did before, toddlers are good for that.
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