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Re: November board

Hello ladies!


Life has been so incredibly busy!  I am trying to read up! 

Tara: Good Luck this month!  I can't wait to hear how the IVF goes!  :smileyhappy:  Praying for you!

Isra: Oh I hope its a BFP for you!

Faith: Congratulations!

Amy: How are you?  How is little miss doing?

Bre: I hope all is well!  My classes are kicking my butt this semester!  It really makes me want to take a semester off to just take a break--but I seriously just want to be DONE!  I can't believe little miss is almost a year old already!

Alix: YAH a baby boy!!  How incredibly exciting!!!  :smileyhappy:  I absolutely love my boys and I have to tell you--they have some ADORABLE boy clothes out there!!


I apologize if I forgot anyone!  :smileyhappy:  I hope everyone is doing well!


AFM--Life has been absolutely insane.  Between my classroom being insane, my 2nd job starting back up again, my grad school work, the boys, Jordyn, the house, and everything else I just barely feel like I am staying above water!  My grandma also passed away the end of October :smileysad:  So we were out of town for 4 days for that--and then last weekend we were out of town for our annual Hot Chocolate Race in Chicago!  This weekend we stayed home and it felt SOO good!  Oh ya---and we are currently fostering 2 basset hound brothers!!  We love them--and they are doing a great job at our house! :smileyhappy:


Jordyn is 4 months old already!  It's absolutely INSANE! She is such a fabulous baby and is happy and calm most of the time!  She definitely has a temper if you don't do what she wants WHEN she wants you to...but she is such a beautiful blessing to our family! :smileyhappy: 

Here she is:



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