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Isra: sorry your sick I hope you feel better!! I didn't know you were a teacher. I wouldn't be able to do that I have a really bad fear of public speaking. I administer the physical fitness tests for the AF members here at the base and sometimes I have to read the instructions and I freeze up and start shaking and it's only in front of like 10-12 people. I'm a big chicken when it comes to that. I hope this month is it for you and you catch that egg!!

Tara: we picked the name out right after we got married. We were talking with some friends and kids names came up. Jason wanted to name a girl Bryce and I said no that is too much of a boy name. So we stuck with it and then my cousin married a Bryce so I had to ask her if it was ok she said it was. Then my other cousin who is due in a few weeks tried to use it and we started looking for different names. She ended up picking Landon.

Faith: I forgot to tell you have fun at Disney!! I would love to go but I can't. I want to ride all the rides. But being so far along I can't. I love roller coasters. I know I can still ride horses as long as I don't have the horse gallop. My little sister loves them as much as I do, so when we go visit on the 18th I'm taking her horseback riding. I can't wait!!

Afm: I finally got on to a normal computer so I could upload some pictures from the u/s on Wednesday. I just wish the u/s weren't so expensive or else I would schedule one every week. I love seeing Bryce! I know my belly has grown overnight. I can only see my tipie toes now. I have a feeling next week I won't be able to see my feet at all. My mom thought I was having a girl since she said I'm carrying low and around my hips. I think it's because I am so short and I have a short torso that he's just sitting where there is room haha. I will put up a belly pic too!!

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