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Re: November board
Hey ladies...long time no speak. :smileyhappy:

Wow, already 4 pages for November... :smileyvery-happy:

Just looking at the list at the top tells me that unfortunately, I haven't really missed anything. :smileysad:
AF is due tomorrow (12DPO), the last few months I've had an 11 day LP, so I'm not counting on longer but DH says best to wait to test till 14 or 15DPO. Yeah, we'll see if we get there.

Anyways, I'm sick today, trying to figure out if I should go in or not, on the one hand I still could and we're already missing someone, on the other I have no idea how I'll teach if I'm coughing every three minutes....but if I don't go in today then I can't get my books (that I forgot to bring home on Thursday) to plan the next lessons...

If I don't go I will sit and catch up. :smileytongue:
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