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Re: November board

Alex - Fingers Crossed for you for that BFP!


Alix - Congrats on the baby boy!!  <3  Boys are so much fun!  I have 2 of them!!  <3


AFM - I will be 4 weeks officially tomorrow.  Yesterday I made my first OB appt but it isn't until November 29th.  Which happens to be the day before we leave for our surprise trip to Disney.  We are surprising our oldest (he will be 5 December 12) with a trip to Disney.  It will also be my youngest's son's first time there.  :smileyvery-happy:  I was pregnant with him the last time we went to Disney May 2011.  I am super excited b/c I am a Disney fanatic!  And it's so hard to keep a secret!!!  We got our magicbands yesterday in the mail and got our luggage tags last week.  I have everything hidden in my closet!!!  And we plan on doing a scavenger hunt for my oldest to find the clues and ultimately find a big treasure chest DH and I built out of cardboard boxes and spraypainted.  :smileyvery-happy:  We will be down in Disney for almost 2 weeks so that means I have to wait even longer to get my ultrasound done.  Oh phoeey!  The good thing is my DH is an ultrasound tech so if we really wanted to take a peek he can scan me.  :smileyvery-happy:  Counting down the days!!!!!!!

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