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Re: Clomid Experiences?

Thank you, ladies!  My PCOS hasn't been confirmed yet.  I do get normal periods and a monthly LH surge indicating that I should be ovulating, but it looks like it's not always happening.  I will be starting Clomid this week.  If in three months, I'm still not pregnant, we're going to do a full work-up and try to see exactly what's going on.  I'm nervous about the side effects- blurred vision, dizziness, hot flashes... It doesn't sound like much fun!  Hopefull this will be very temporary!  To be honest, the Clomid has me more nervous than anything else.  I haven't really been stressed out about not conceiving.  I know that it will happen eventually.  If it takes a while, the baby will just be that more special when he or she comes along!  Best of luck to you, Amontes!