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Re: November board
Faith: Congrats!! I will add your due date to the list!! It was. Very hard for me to keep it a secret so the day I found out I spilled the beans but my dh was just as excited as I was!

Amy! why didn't they let you hear the heartbeat? My dr did. That's really weird. I teared up the first second and third time I heard the heartbeat, it's so amazing!

Tara: I'm sorry you have to wait to start the IFV. That's not fun!! Are you feeling better though?

Alexx: sounds like you might get that BFP!

Afm: today was good and bad. We got to the dr at 940 our apt was at 945 we got stuck by a train. Then the nurse tells me that my apt was at 915. So she had us wait an hour and fifteen minutes. We heard the heartbeat again it was 162 this time. Then I had blood work and we were called back to have the ultrasound. Peanut did very well....and it's a BOY!!!!! I am so excited!! I will try and get some of the pictures on here soon. I have to go though I just got home from work

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