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Re: November board
Tara- How long do you have to wait? We didn't hear the hb, just saw it.

Faith- I did REALLY well keeping it a secret the first time around. This time not so much. Thankfully my DH defaults to doing whatever I want when it comes to that! I was avoiding telling people in case I lost the baby. But then I realized that all the people I wasn't telling, were the people I would really need to be there for me if I did. Kinda one of those things. So we've told our parents, a couple friends and a few other random people that have asked things regarding to that. Woohoo to having a preggo buddy. :smileyvery-happy:

AFM- Hello nausea. I've had it on and off for a few weeks but today it's reminding me that it's really here. It's so worth it. :smileyvery-happy: But oy.
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