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Re: What can I do??

Although our experiences could be totally different. I have only had irregular periods after stopping BCPs. My husband and I also have unexplained infertitly. Irregular periods like that can be from annovulation (not ovulating). If I were you I would seek a second opinion from an OB. That doesn't seem like a very good answer that everything is just normal without more information. Sure irregular cycles can be normal for some, but is also a red flag for irregularly ovulating. Yes, 4-5 months isn't that long for someone less than 35 TTC, but because of the irregular periods I wouldn't wait it out for a year. You could try charting your BBT (basal body temperature) to see if you can track your cycles better. All you need is an inexpensive thermometer. I like using fertility friend (FF) which is free unless you choose the VIP plan. You can use it to chart your temps, signs through out the month, cervical mucous,..the list goes on. Hope that helps.