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What can I do??

Hi everyone! :smileyhappy:


I've been trying to get pregnant for a while now. About 4 - 5 months, I know it's not a long time, I get that. But my main issue is that I don't have regular periods. Never have, ever since I started at 13. 


So for 8 years now I've had funny timings, sometimes they occur every month, and the longest I've been without one is 6 months. On average it's every 2-3 months. (Been to the doc, she says there is nothing wrong with me, it's just how I am)


So, how am I meant to know how to get pregnant? Ovulation kits are expensive, and never  

knowing what's happening in my body means I would end up spending a lot of money on the kits when they might not even help me. 


All the advice I find online, is made for women with regular periods, which is no help at all!


Please say someone out there has had the same experience as me??


Me and my hubby really want to start a family, but I just need some helpful advice... (Just having regular is an option that we are already trying!)


Thank you,


Wanting-to-be-a-mummy, Jas xxx