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Amy: Turk is very special to me and DH, he is what started our relationship and we definitely feel like hes our kid.  Kasey saved my life, and I loved her more than anything for a very long time.. I'd give anything to have her back, but of course, thats nearly  impossible. I worked in rescue for years, and I hate it when people view their pet as "just a dog". It seems to just make them like "oh, thats just a purse" "or just a couch, bed etc".. Your pet should be special.  Especially if they came from the shelter or rescue. Someone else gave them up because they weren't special or whatever. idk. I don't baby my dogs, but I do believe they are family. I feel horrible that I can't feel that way about scarlett and therefore, I dont believe I should keep her.. I do care for her, but I dont at the same time because she really drives me crazy and is always eating things she shouldnt.


Alix: Your DH needs to get over himself!! Oh my goodness! The man is a medical professional, he's seen a million hoo hoo's in his career, im sure. That is ridiculous.  If he was some creeper who enjoyed sticking his fingers up you in uncomfortable ways for his pleasure, I highly doubt he would still have a medical license! He was trained in that field, its not like hes a random off the street person sticking fingers inside you.He really needs to get over himself because what if your doctor isnt on call when you go into labor and a man has to attend? 

It is uncomfortable when you do have a man doctor, but you'll adjust. I have always had Dr. M, until I got PG, and several of my appts she was on call at the hospital and was gone when I had my checkups. I had several men doctors at the practice, and you know what? They were excellent!!  In fact, I even liked one of them so much, I refused to be induced unless i either had him or Dr. M. luckily, i didnt need induced and doctor m was on call! I did have a male  for my epi, and etc.  He is really going to accept that and quit being jealous.  An old coworkers husband got so jealous of his wife having a male nurse come to check her, he got asked to leave the premises!


Tara: I've had these feelings about Scarlett, pretty much since about 2 days after I got her. I thought it'd go away as she got older and matured..but shes gotten older and not matured any lol.  She just doesnt have what I want in a personality in my dog.. Turk has it, Kasey had it.. Scarlett just doesnt have it..and shes either too inbred to  get it or is really just missing a few screws. Not sure which.

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