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Re: November board

Brie- I know what you mean about doing what you got to do and just doing it. Still sucky to have to miss out though. You can always dress her up and take pictures for yourself. I love our dogs, but also have the same feelings about them some time one more than the other. We have a highly energetic dog that is sweet, but barks like crazy. She has a way of really trying your patience. Sometimes I think I could give her to someone that would cope with her better, but another part of me loves her too much. It's difficult feeling torn like that. I had a dog growing up that I was really attatched, too. I feel like my relationship with my dogs don't compare all that well. I feel like it's our fault too for not training them better, but at the same time no matter what we've tried hasn't stopped the barking. 


Alix- That's exciting. I hope that baby cooperates and that they will be about to tell!


AFM- I have to work an extra hour cause of day light saving time which I'm not very thrilled about. Blah. Still fighting the nasal drainage and cough. This is getting old really fast. On the otherhand I hope this means I can get it out of the way so I don't have to deal with any sickness while going through all the IVF stuff.