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Brie- I love my dogs, don't get me wrong... but they are just dogs to me. I don't think it is possible for me to love a dog as much as I love my kid(s). And well, I'm pretty fed up with mine too. I don't think I could possibly find him another home though. He's about 9+ years old and was so starving when we got him 6 years ago that I just couldn't do that to him. We are his people now and he already had people get rid of him once. :smileysad:

Alix- I'm not sure why your DH doesn't want you seeing a male doctor, but if you don't mind seeing one then I would see him. I am not a fan of seeing them myself, I have a hard time talking to them the way I do a female, but that's true in general for me. (other then my hubby that is)

AFM- I am tired. I am hungry. And I am super excited for my appointment next week to see more about where I am at. My sister in law broke some ribs as well as the two vertebrate, she's still in the hospital. They are going to want to rely on me for help, but that means getting to their house well before Nathan wakes up normally and spending most of my day there. I don't know if I can handle that as much as I want to. I'll do what I can.
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