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Brie: We did decide on doing the genetic testing even having a heart scan because of my heart murmur. My dr agreed but never scheduled us. I am having a talk with her on Wednesday and I'm thinking about changing my dr. I know my dh doesn't want a man but that's the only other now available in the clinic we go to. And I know my insurance will take forever to change it. I hope we can still do the gentics testing or if its too late I will be upset. I know next time if we are still here I will not go to this dr again. She is not a very good people person. I thought it was just me being nervous for that first appointment but she acted the same way on the last one and kept her face glued to her laptop that she brought in. Time to talk to the dh and ask what he wants to do.

Afm: I need motivation to clean my house. I just vacuumed and now I don't want to do anything else. Maybe a walk will help give me some energy to finish cleaning.

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