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Tara: I dressed her as a pumpkin and had a tutu made up :smileyhappy: But since i had class, it was up to chris to really do anything, and I knew he wouldnt.. lol. his theory is "she wont remember, so why do it?". However, since I wont have classes next year, I already have her a costume picked out. :smileyhappy: an Anne Geddes Ladybug! :smileyvery-happy: Chris did take her to the man next to us, who loves her because the Eric clapton song, and then the indian couple ..he said they fussed over her and pinched her cheeks. LOL. Im sure she was thrilled about that. Sad I missed it, but had to do what I had to do. I dont like missing classes so I didnt.


Alix: See, I was spoiled. I had ultrasounds at 9 weeks, 13 weeks, 19 weeks, and 23 weeks. As well as an emergency one at 35 weeks, and one at 40weeks 3 days ...which at that point you couldnt see much except her buttcheeks. lol. Which she loved showing off any time I had an ultrasound. :x But  the ones at 13, 19, and 23 weeks were all from the genetic testing and monitoring at the MFM.  SO worth it..and if we have another Im definitely getting that done again. I couldnt go without seeing her. Im guessing you and DH had never decided on the genetic monitoring.


afm- Between a teething baby and my dogs acting up..I think i will go crazy. I really spilled my feelings about Scarlett to DH last night, and he asked me if I would consider finding her another home. I really like her but she drives me insane because she is so quirky and such a nervous nelly that she paces constantly.  Her personality is just not what I want in a dog. I feel like you should be crazy about your pets, they should be just like your children, or else you aren't giving them the best home possible. I absolutely feel that way about Turk.. and I loved Kasey more than life itself. Scarlett is just a dog and I hate feeling that way, but i can't move myself past it, I feel she would do better with someone who could be Crazy about her quirky self and love her more than life itself. I simply can't.  So I think I may try to find her another home. Its just hard to do at the same time because i worked in rescue and feel guilty.

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