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Re: November board
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Amy: the only reason I knew it was a new month is because of my dr appt next week. Haha I forget everything now.

Tara: Boo AF. She needed to stay away. I really hope IFV works for you! I know you will be a great mom!!

Brie: Yay no homework. I love homework and I love not having it. Wired I know but it always gave me something to do. My "homework" this weekend is to clean this big ol house by myself. Dh isn't a help but he will be soon!

Afm: so I made a decision today. I can't wait until December to find out if I'm having a boy or girl so I called my dr and scheduled the 14-20 week ultrasound for right after my appt on Wednesday. I told the dh about it after I did it. He said he was ok with waiting but knew I couldn't wait. It's been 9 weeks since I saw peanut. I can't wait a full 14 weeks to see peanut again. That's torture. Uh oh gotta go dog just yiped

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