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Mirena is OUT!  Was so fast, i couldnt believe it was out already! lol. Dr. M said she was sure the IUD was the root of the problem, but also said the ph is different when you breastfeed as well, so the combination could have just not worked with me.. apparently, im that 5% of individuals that cannot tolerate the mirena. We are pretty sure that I O'd right around the time of the last BD with no protection (sunday), so we do have a slight chance of being PG.


I have to do "supressive" therapy for a month though for the infections. I had to take one diflucan yesterday, and one monday, as well as teraconozle internally for 3 days as well. Then I have to take one diflucan once a week for 4 weeks! =o She thinks with the iud removed, and the supressive therapy, i should be back to my normal self..for the first time since... gosh..its been awhile! :smileyhappy:  I am excited! 

As for removal (for amanda :smileyhappy: ) I had more cramping after it was removed, than when i had it put in. Almost contractiony feelings a few hrs later as well. I didnt have any spotting or bleeding (some people do) but so far, so good for me. I notice i am "sore" feeling when i bend over where the mirena used to be, but overall, i feel better.


I went to go buy condoms yesterday (even though no BDing until tuesday) and was so overwhelmed by all the choices..I ended up leaving and not buying any LOL. What on earth.. who knew there were such a variety?

She did perscribe me lo estrin fe 1mg/10mcg dose. She said its a very low dose, and is new but safe for breastfeeding. I am scared to try it though. I can't find anything online that says it is ok to use it while breastfeeding.. does anyone have any thoughts?

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