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Re: October Board
Simone- No I think he's within the acceptable limits... just at the lower end. He was 5 weeks early.

Tara- I hope she stays away for you. :smileysad: She ended up staying where she is for now, the specialist where she is trained at Harborview so they decided to stay there. Her mom is a nurse and talked to both doctors today to decide the best course of action. She has been given a back brace now and that seems to be helping as well. They think the horse kicked her as she was falling? They have found out she has some broken ribs as well. Just no good all around.

AFM- I am trying to get some rest. Today I locked myself out of the house... and car... so I walked carrying Nathan the mile to the play date we were going to. Go me. My hubby was able to come home early thankfully. I am now going to go get milk because we are all out and Nathan is refusing to drink the water. Then I am going to nap... he is napping now.
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