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Re: October Board

Tara: So excited for you!! :smileyhappy: Im hoping you went ahead and tested already :smileyhappy: because I dang sure can't stand it!


Amy: I think going on the pill will help my migraines, it did in the past.


Alix: Dont let people get to you, my boss treated me gosh awful when i was pregnant, because I was so small before I got pregnant, that it took until i was a good 28 weeks to really be able to tell i was pregnant.. i remember people asking me when I was due and when I was like "a month and a half from now" they'd flip their can and tell me I was too small and couldnt possibly be that far along.. I was like "WTF..." My boss was a real witch about it,always comparing me and my size, symptoms, etc. to her granddaughter and my other coworker and saying good they are and etc. I was like "yeah excuse me for still going to school and keeping  up with my stuff!" its like that to this day when I see her. I'd love to slap her in the mouth one good time. But of course that wouldnt work.. Everyone is "gonna hate" as my DH says. Dont let it get to you, even though its hard. Besides, if you are anything like me, you wear your pants snug and as soon as the bloating and belly growing began, your pants wouldnt fit..not everyone dresses like a grandma :smileywink:((HUGS))


afm- I had a dream I was pregnant and was buying maternity shorts... with Layla in tow. Needless to say, Im hoping thats just a dream and sign that Tara is getting her BFP..asap! :smileyvery-happy: Because I definitely don't need that right now...that'd put me at a due date of my projected graduation date..and oh no way jose!!

On some good news, I made a 104 on my Statistics test, and have an average in the class of a 96.05!! I nearly peed on myself.. never saw that coming! So I have an A in all 3 classes currently. :smileyhappy:

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