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Re: October Board
Alix- Sadly Tara is right. Everyone will have something to say, and most of it really should be ignored completely. Everyone experiences things differently and for some reason as they get older they forget that about when they had their kids (or even worse they have never had kids and then they really just don't get it). And I'm wearing a size bigger pant already, it's mostly bloating right now and I know it... but my normal pants don't button either!

Tara- OH! A couple more days. *Sigh* I wanna know! That would be awesome to be pregnant together!

Brie- Good luck on the tests. Hope your migraine gets better. I used to have what they called menstrual migraines when I was on the pill, every time I had a cycle I would get a migraine and they were debilitating. The eventually changed my pill up and things got better.

AFM- My tummy is grumpy... it doesn't like my change in hormones one bit. Bah. Nathan hasn't been sleeping well this last week. It's tiring to say the least.

I posted crock pot chicken tacos last week on my blog if anyone is interested. They are very very tasty. :smileyvery-happy: Unless you want to eat them for weeks I would halve the recipe though.
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