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Re: October Board
Brie: Good luck on your midterms! Sorry about AF and the migraines.

Tara: When can you test? I'm sitting on pins and needles! I really hope this is it for you and you get your BFP!! Feel better. No getting sick!!

Afm: I'm ready for a vacation. I'm liable to go off on the next person that tries to push their pregnancy symptoms on me. Just because they had certain things happen to them doesn't mean they will happen to me or mean that because I don't have a certain symptom it tells what I'm having. Also if someone else tells me I'm small and shouldn't be in the maternity clothes I will start crying. I can't button any of my pants and I do have a bump. I'm sorry for the rant. My dh is at work and I have no one else to vent with everyone is at work.

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