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Re: How do I explain to my family that I am ready for my second child?

Hey hon, Im just here to tell you that you are an adult, you do not need to "prove" to your family that you are ready for a child. That is a decision that should be between you and your husband, and if you both feel ready for it, GO FOR IT! After all, its you and your husband that will making the baby, you will be growing the baby, you will give birth to the baby, and you and your husband will be providing a loving and nuturing envoirnment, Not your family!

Actions speak louder than words if you are still wanting to please them. :smileyhappy:


Just a note about school and an infant! My daughter is one, and I was in my second college semester when I got pregnant, I only missed the semester she was born in and started right back the following semester. I thought it would be easy to and a baby. How hard can it be, right? SO WRONG! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO VERY VERY VERY WRONG! I went from a 3.75 GPA, to a 3.3 which is extremely important to me.. I barely have time to properly study (for my standards). I struggle to keep up with homework assignments just because there is so much housework, and babywork and homework that needs done that either my homework suffers or my house suffers.  It is really hard. Getting my degree is extremely important to me so I still give my best and 100% that I possibly can, but between exhaustion and keeping up with Layla... Its a struggle to remember everything, all the time.  So please do keep that in mind.

My friend had a baby 6 weeks after me, and she  didnt go back until this semester, and she couldnt handle it at all..ended up enrolling her daughter in daycare for 3-4 hours a day just so she could keep up with online classes. We are both SAHM's and I do both online and physical traditional classes.  So if i can do it, you can, but it is definitely difficult...and takes alot of dedication and determination.

I graduate in July :smileyhappy: and we are considering TTC beginning in May/June as I will not be huge pregnant during a florida summer ever again lol) So it is possible.. but i tell you, ive cried, gotten mad, and discouraged a few times.

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