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Re: BBT pros and cons

I've been using BBT  to avoid getting pregnant!  (We are trying to avoid it without using birth control as i am still breastfeeding my one year old)  Its great because it allows you to learn more about your fertile times and when you should BD (or avoid BDing or using protection during these times for me!), as well as learning when you ovulate and how long your luteal phase is. Keeping track is a great idea especially if you can't concieve for a few months and end up going to talk to your OB-GYN, you can take your charts and show your doctor and help them get a better idea of whats going on.

I've been using BBT method since July and its been effective for what Im using it for.  :smileyhappy: I learned that I do indeed ovulate every month on CD 14, just as I've always suspected.


The cons of it would be that yes, you are supposed to take it before you start moving around..which can be annoying, but if you move a little bit (such as rolling over, etc) i dont believe that affects it that much so dont be afraid to move! lol.


I never used OPKs.. I was pregnant in 45 days after beginning TTC.. We are waiting until May-June before we begin TTC again. I just began birth control yesterday because we are afraid of endometriosis returning. :smileyhappy:

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