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Re: October Board
Tara- I look forward to you continuing your journey one way or the other. You're going to be such an awesome mom!

Alix- The round ligament pains are horrible... and feel a lot like that. Make sure to take it easy. A little heat helped mine (but not TOO hot).

Brie- Good luck with all those finals! I am happy I have a degree, though I'm not using it and my dog just ate my diploma last week. Blah.

AFM- My first appointment is 2 weeks away. So soon! Last time I had to wait about 5 weeks for an appointment so this is exciting. The doctor approved my switch to the one that actually delivered Nathan, hopefully that goes well. I am guessing they will do an ultrasound at the first appointment to figure out when I'm due... then I can fix this ticker. I just put it for the furthest away day I figured it would be. LOL
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