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Sorry. I didn't update you guys sooner. Amelia made her presents at 3:07am on July 14. Needless to say I was very exhausted. We came home today and are just now trying to get used to having a new member in our family. Delivery was so diffrent from my first. When we got to the hospital to start at noon, the hospital had some sort of miscommunication and the nurse that was supposed to start the induction was not there. Why another one of the many other nurses couldn't start it is beyond me, since there were only like 3 of us in a very large hospital delivering. We even had a few nurses come in throughout the process to check on us, and say they had nothing else to do so they wanted to see if they could be of any assistance. Anyways got the induction started at 2ish. Pitocin was slow going and giving me contractions, but the dr didn't feel like they were strong enough to break my water. Even though I kept stressing that's what it took to get my son out. So finally at 10pm the dr decided to have my water broken and as I figured my contractions kicked into high gear and they turned off the pit. I was progressing but unfortunately not as fast as I did with kale. I was getting really tired because I had been there so long. I did have them give me some IV drugs which helped me for like an hour but then contractions again started getting to be to much and progression was only like 5cm. So I got the epi. The epi actually worked, unlike the one I got with Kale. To well actually my arms and chest were numb. I was complete at 1:30a but was so numb my pushes weren't moving her very much, and because I was so numb I couldn't really tell I was pushing or tell how much I was even holding my breath. So about 30 min later the nurse came back in and had me start pushing. She was turned a little so the first 20 min were slow going until she twisted into good position and the epi was wearing off. Dr came in and about another 25 min I finally started to crown. I could really tell she was so much bigger then kale. She weighed in at 8 pounds 5 ounces. 20 1/2 inches long with a 14 1/2 inch head. Nursing has been going pretty well and kale just absolutely loves her. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton, but will catch up more a little later.
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