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Re: miscarriage nd scared to try again

Hi There,


I can totally understand how you are feeling because I have been there (6 times actually) I am happy to say that I know have three healthy children. I had my first at age 36, but I started trying at age 31.


Everyone is different, but it helped me to know that it's nature and there is nothing I did wrong and nothing I could have done better in order for the pregnancy to continue. If you think about it, it might help you as well.


Your doctor will likely tell you that he/she will let you have two or three faild pregnancies before running tests and looking into why this is happening. Back before medicine was as advanced as it is, women wouldn't know they were pregnant until further in the pregnancy. As the matter of fact, women would miscarry before they knew they were pregnant and dismiss it as a heavy menstral cycle.


Trying agin should be the fun part :smileyhappy: Have fun with your husband and try not to stress over it. The good news is that you can get pregnant.


If you need anyone to talk to, I am often around here:smileyhappy: