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Re: October Board

Hey ladies! Last week was part of my midterms (one was 3 full handwritten pages, plus a 1000 word analytical essay on Othello. ) and then this week I have midterm in stats, and  on halloween i have midterm on astronomy.then its smooth sailing all through november and then finals in december.


we've only BD'd twice this cycle, so I dont expect anything crazy when it comes to AF coming. I had a temp drop this morning, (from 98.3 to 97.7 something) so Im expecting AF will be here sometime today. which I was due today, but with last months 2 days late thing, FF changed my AF date til like thursday or friday. so nice that it may actually be back to its normalness.


We took Layla to get her a pumpkin yesterday...we left with a 37.5lb whopper of a pumpkin. =x well, im back to the statistics..

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