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Alix- After my last one, my DH is more scared about this one for sure. Can't blame him though, I am too. :smileywink:

AFM- Nathan decided sleep wasn't important last night. Does he not realize his mom is pregnant and NEEDS it? He woke at 3am and didn't go back to sleep till nap at 10:30. Oh tired me. I called and made my first appointment, since they go off when I had my last period the appointment is November 5th, that's super close! I'm excited. Though I think I'll only be about 6 weeks along them so it'll be earlier then they normally see people. I told them I have long cycles and they said they still go off the last period. Works for me, less waiting. They will call me back later letting me know about switching doctors, I hope it works out. We're trying to switch to the one that delivered my son vs. the one we saw. Our last one had a way of making my husband feel very unwelcome and disliked and that is certainly not what we're going for (it didn't get worse until further on in the pregnancy so we just stuck with it).
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