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Re: October Board
Brie- I love me a good kids party. I get to be creative and that's always awesome.

Tara- Awesome you get to get started sooner then originally thought. KMFC for you that this is the cycle. <3

Alix- The zoo was fun. :smileyhappy: Nathan is finally at the age that he can really enjoy it. Though we did go mostly at nap time so he was pretty done before we left. Naps are hard to work around sometime. p.s. I understand the hormonal mess... oh so fun. I screamed at... well everything today... my patience was completely lacking.

AFM- With the symptoms I have been having I couldn't wait till Thursday so I tested today. BFP. Super excited and wee bit scared. It's strange, last pregnancy I spent so much time worrying about being pregnant and NONE about having the baby. Now I'm just panicked about labor (and the pregnancy) Honestly I had a HORRIBLE experience being pregnant last time and while I had Nathan fast I also had a 3rd degree tear and spent a good year recovering from it. I hope it's better this time, everyone says, it's different every time. I pray that is true.
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