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Re: October Board
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Brie: I don't know if I could put together a big party for anyone. It took a small army to plan my wedding, I suck at planning! I'm glad it was a success though!!

Tara: I hope you do get a BFP this cycle! Kmfc big time for ya!! How are you feeling? Any better?

Amy: how was the zoo?

Afm: I was trying not to overdo it this weekend. I have a huge migraine and I had a sleeping seizure. It freaked me out and I was napping on the couch next to Jason and he said I only rolled over. But it scared him. Now he's watching me with hawk eyes and trying to make it look like he's not. He isn't very good at hiding it haha. I just hope it doesn't mean there is anything else that wrong. And I told my mom that it happened and it's been a few days and she hasn't even called or texted me back. I don't like being emotional.

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