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Re: Stressing each month

Set up an account with, and buy a basal body thermometer and begin to track your cycles for a few months. You can then gain a perspective (also download their free book!) on your cycles and pinpoint when your ovulation is occuring and etc. Then make an appointment with your gyno if you still arent pregnant (they are going to want to see you anyway if you are having fertility issues), and print your charts (have at least 3) and take them to the appointment with you, as it will be helpful for your doctor. You can also download some apps to help you track your cycles and show your GYN. This way you guys can be a team working together. :smileyhappy:


As for being afraid of bothering them with questions, this is what you have insurance and pay copays for. :smileyhappy: and i guarentee you that you will not be the first or the last person to have already asked that question or any other question before (and you will learn this fast when you are pregnant). Might as well get all the info you can. you are paying for it. :smileyhappy:

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