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Re: Trying for a baby
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After I stopped birth control, It took us 45 days to concieve, much to my PCP, OB/GYN, DH, Me, and the MFM dr's surprise.. lol. They had told us to prepare for a year of TTC. I had a pap smear done 4 days before I got pregnant.. I always ask Dr. M what she did when she did my pap! I was 23 when I got pregnant and DH was 32. I was 24 and he was 33 by the time she was born.  :smileyhappy:

I had endometriosis prior to starting birth control and I had a laparoscopy to remove it, but it still sometimes takes awhile to get pregnant when you've had it.Im sure it will take longer a second time around, IF we do

If you want to get a boost for TTC and learning all of the fun things about it, my suggestion is visit and sign up for You will need a BBT (basal body thermometer) and take your temperature every morning, but eventually you will be able to see how long your luteal phase is, determine when you ovulate and when you need to be doing the deed. the website has a free e-book that i recommend as well.. Also, find the monthly "board" run in this group and join us. the ladies there can help you with any questions you could have. I am using fertility friend to avoid pregnancy right now , as i had been breastfeeding and my body rejected the IUD and bcp decereased my supply, its worked so far you can get a free account, but you get VIP access for 30days when you sign up. <-- the download for the ebook. You can also find it in the kindle store. it is FREE  and very informative on getting you to know your cycles and how everything works. I am using the charting to Avoid a second pregnancy right now while breastfeeding and its worked for 3 months with no issue (using protection and avoiding the fertile window). So its really great. <<-- also helpful if you dont want to download the ebook.


Because there is a risk of miscarriage during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, we waited until I was 12 weeks to tell our families. We told my grandparents we had been at the beach and found them a gift, so we would be swinging by on our way home. They invited us to have dinner. My grandma had found a sippy cup in her grocery bag before she found out she was pregnant once and always told me about it, so I took a copy of my ultrasound picture, bought a cheap sippy cup and wrapped it up and put it in a bag. Then for my grandpa, I framed the picture and wrapped it up. We sat down and told them that they had to open their gifts at the same time because they go together. My grandpa was so confused, he was like "Gram's is round, mine is the heck do they go together!?!?!" The expression on their faces when they realized what was going on as they opened their gifts were priceless. my grandpa was so excited he flung his chair across the kitchen and jumped up so fast to run and hug us, that DH ran and hid behind me because he thought my grandpa was going to hit him! LOL!!

For his mom, well..I told her at 9 weeks because DH had a health scare and she was like "BRIE, WHY DIDNT YOU JUST DRAG HIM TO A HOSPITAL?' I was like "he wont even let me carry anything heavier than bread right now!" and shes like "what? Why?" "No reason". "What the heck is going on up there?!" "Uh..." I tried hinting around it for a few minutes, finally i was just like "well, Im pregnant and due october 7th so you will have a grandbaby around your birthday. ok?"

She screamed and I swear i could see her jumping up and down for joy in TN all the way in FL... LOL. I told her she couldnt tell or let on that I told her because we were coming down the next weekend to tell her.  She was so excited she didnt know what to do with herself.


My advice is definitely wait until after 12 weeks though. i know a lady who has 4 kids and was pregnant again and they told everyone  then she miscarried and had to tell everyone again, same with DH's ex wife. I thought it was terrible.. Its something terrible to even have to think about, but usually if you make it past the first trimester, you will be fine. :smileyhappy: Thats the reason most people wait til the second trimester to announce it. Plus, you'll have ultrasound pics by then :smileyvery-happy:


You can also look on pintrest for fun ways to announce pregnancy.

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