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Re: October Board

Amy- Thank you. It would be fantastic to get a BFP before hand.


Alix- Yep, that's the same thing as a holter. It's really neat to have that kind of technology accessible. It would make a huge huge difference financially and emotionally to get a BFP before IVF.


AFM- I'm sick. Not fun, both DH and I have colds which really sucked having our consult coughing and so on. Fortunately so far I have been able to control my cough though. I have to do a SIS (saline infusion sonogram) before the IVF and need to repeat some of our labs since they have to be within one year of IVF such as Hep B, HIV, RPR, Hep C. Kinda annoying since I'm 100% positive none of those have changed from a year ago. I just hope I don't have to pay much for it.