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Re: October Board
Tara: how did your apt go? I am so glad my dh is home too!!

Brie: th dr asked how long I've been feeling the flutters and I can't put a timeline on it. I've felt them for as long as I can remember.

Amy: it is amazing what hormones do to us.

Afm: no ultrasound today we heard the heartbeat and it's still 160 we also heard the baby kick and I felt it! So those weird feelings I've felt are peanut!! The cardiologist apt was so uninformative. I had an ECG when we got there then I talked to the dr and gave my life and medical history. He listened to my heart and said he can hear it loud and clear for a murmur. The he listened at my neck and said he can hear it there too then listened at my back and said he can hear it from there too. So he ordered a echocardiogram and a portable ECG for me to wear for 2 weeks. Now I'm hooked up to an ECG machine it's not comfortable at all. I won't know the results until I see him in November.

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