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Negative pregnancy test

Hello all,


Me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive all year but have not had any luck lately. I have not had a period since the end of July. My home pregnancy test and doctor's test are negative. Any suggestions on what this could be? My doctor's just said to keep trying. I saw a specialists and she stated that if I do not have a period by Labor Day weekend, I'm preganant, but the test were negative. I'm at a road block on what this could be. Any suggesstions or information on this weirdness would be great!

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Re: Negative pregnancy test

If ALL tests are negative, then it's probably negative. It sounds as though you might have what I have. I go months without my period and then have one for a month straight. I have PCOS. I take progesterone to jump start my period. This month I am starting a fertility drug called Clomid to force ovulation. I would suggest talking to your OB/GYN about this matter.

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Re: Negative pregnancy test
I have many anovulatory cycles where I just don't ovulate. I could go between 3 weeks and 3 months between periods at times. I would see about talking to your OB. I know I was put on clomid to force ovulation as well. After two cycles of that we got pregnant with our baby. After having him I've had a fairly regular cycle for the first time in my life, it's long but regular. Hope that helped!
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