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Re: September Board

Faith- Seems early to already be getting those symptoms. Maybe you O'd really early? Was your last AF normal? I thought you said you did test last cycle, but now can't rememeber. The 2WW is usually the hardest part of the cycle for me. I hate waiting to know. I rather just know and be able to move on. Fingers crossed that this is it! I get low back pain before AF, but it's too early for her, too. Tender breasts can go either way for me although seems like a positive sign if it's not something you usually experience.


Alix- That should prove to be an interesting discussion about whether you guys will stay in the military or not. It's wonderful that you both have served and appreciated. 


Amy- It really was a crazy storm. So much rain! I definately think being a homeowner can be a drag sometimes when it feels like you are constantly fixing stuff although it has it's perks, too. That sure would be exciting to have #2! You got PG on your first cycle of Clomid. Would be interesting to see what happens with out it. Your pregnancy with Nathan sounded like it was pretty miserable with all the pain walking you had. Hopefully your second time it will be better! Each time can be totally different,


AFM- Looking forward to our appt next week. One week from today!