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Faith: I didn't get any symptoms til a week past O. I was sitting on the floor and when I got up it felt like my uterus/stomach was ripping. It was so weird. Then it hurt to sit stand lay down and everything. I called my sister who had just finished MA school. She told me to call the dr. I had to wait a week for the apt. Then my dr did a blood test the day before AF was supposed to show up. I got a phone call that same day saying I was 4 weeks. Give it a few more days. I know it's hard. I was going out of my mind trying not to test and bug my sister asking what she felt and everything. It turns out the pain I felt was the baby making itself comfortable. Then I had to pee a lot! That was my second clue! I'm kmfc for you!!!

Amy: He's not home yet. I got at 1 to find a parking spot. He should land at 2 or a little after 2. I'm taking his dog Blitz with me. That dog has missed him like crazy. I will ask where's dad and he just starts barking and wiggling like crazy jumping on me saying let's go find him. So I figure he needs him as much as I do. I just hope he does the have to leave again during this pregnancy. This was so hard! I cant do that again! Yumm a new recipe! My dh wants 3 kids. He said he wants a 2year gap in between them.

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