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So I think this might be good signs for me but the past 2-3 days my bbs have been extremely sore (never get this sore before AF and never this early either!) and at the same time my lower back is so achy!!  I am very fatigued in the morning - I just have a REALLY hard time getting out of my bed lol ....I should only be a few days past ovulation (I stopped temperature charting this cycle b/c I felt that I might have been stressing out too much about it)...I only noticed CM on my underwear and could tell when I was ovulating and of course we BD'd a lot!!  I'm so hoping this is our month!!! I'm KMFC for sure!!  This morning I was sitting down on my couch with a heating pad on my back and I just felt like I had a cold or something coming on - it did seem to pass but it was very strange.  Have any of you ever had symptoms as soon as a few days past ovulation?  Normally my nipples get tender shortly after ovulation and last up until AF and IF I get breast tenderness it is never this extreme.  I'm just really hoping!!  Oh and today my CM was like a milky egg white consistency and not creamy like normally before AF....I'm due my cycle on/around October 13 - somewhere around there (so hard to tell b/c I normally run a 28-30 day cycle depending and this month I couldn't exactly pinpoint my ovulation through BBT charting)...DH is really hoping this is our month (he really thought I was last month lol) Thanks ladies!!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!

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