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Re: September Board

Haley- Glad that Kale is on the mend. Hope the rest of you guys stay healthy. Sounds like you got the refulux figured out which is good! Glad you're doing well!


Aliz- Just remember he'll be coming home soon and each day is a day closer! That's good they won't deploy him when the baby is due. Hope that holds.


Faith- Bummer about AF, but hope this 2WW brings something good! 


AFM- Our hot water heater we replaced. Last night there was a big storm which washed our gravel parking space on the side of our driveway into the driveway and up next to the fence. It left a big crater where all the run off happened. DH and I ended up shoveling it back, but need to buy more gravel to fill on the holes and even it out. Oh the joys of being a homeowner.