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Re: Getting stressed about ttc
I understand the pain u all are going through! And iam so sorry. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage we were both devastated and it took 3 yrs later to get pregnant with my daughter who is now 17. I decided to go on the pill n wait to have another one so when we finally did after a few years of trying nothing because I was keeping track of everything. So I stopped worrying and stressing and kept myself busy with running and exercising. 10 years later I had another daughter and after her I decided not to take any kind of contraceptives. I kept running and doin my exercises then 2 years later I had my son and a year later I had another son. Whew! The point I'm trying to make is don't stress yourself out that is the main key and I know its hard to do at first but it will pay off in the end. Just take it one day at a time :smileyhappy: Oh and by the way I'm expecting again and we couldnt be more happy! Good luck ladies!!
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