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Re: September Board
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Haley: So glad to hear from you! Sorry you were having problems with Mia. Glad you figured out what it was. I hope Kale gets better and that you don't catch what he had. The iPad won't let any pictures be posted unless it's on Facebook. It's dumb I don't know why but it's a pain in the butt.

Afm: I got to talk to the dh last night and he is just as miserable as I am. He said he is going to try and get off the list for these trips to Minot because he can't stand to be away. Especially with us expecting. He really doesn't want to go anywhere. He was supposed to deploy for 6 months to Guam in April but that's when the baby is due and his boss said that he won't send him because this is his first baby. I woke up with the shakes today and can't seem to get them to go away. I still have tons of house work to do today too. I can always put it off until Tuesday when I don't have to go to work but I want it to be done. I just have to work up the energy to get up and clean.

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