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Re: September Board
Hello I'm still around. I haven't been keeping up for about a month. I'm usually having to fight Kale for the iPad and he usually wins.

Amelia is 11 weeks old. She is about 12lbs. So a little chunk. She sleeps pretty good through the night but not so well during the day. I think she is a pretty light sleeper and with kale she just constantly gets woke up. So were working on that. I can't remember if I posted on here about the reflux problem we were having with her. But I discovered that dairy was effecting it. So I cut it almost completely out and she is doing much better. She is a smiley little girl that just loves to do face time with people or look at herself in the mirror. Thankfully Kale is still absolutely in love with her.

For the past week Kale has been very sick. We ended up in the ER on Wednesday for about 7hrs. They thought he was having appendisitice. But thankfully got sent home to observe him. Looks like it's just a bad virus. He is slowly starting to get better. We are just now praying Mia doesn't get it or us.

I'll have to try to remember to log on tomorrow on my PC to post a picture, this web site won't let me do it from my iPad.

It's late and Mia and I are off to bed.
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