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Re: I'm 7 days late,need some advice
Hi sweetie....well im a week and two day late...i honestly fely different since 3 days after husband and I had sex...i had symptoms tummy felt so weird....and it is possible for a women to have pregnancy symptoms very early way before implantation because there is hcg in ur system after conceiving just cant detect it ....then after implantation more comes our way lol that can be detected sweetie....anyway it also helps when one is intune with her own body because it just helps in reconizing the changez thats happening within....
Ok and way about 12 dpo, which would also be a week before expected period i started bleeding bright light- medium blood........also known as active bleeding....newer studies show that not all women have implantation bleeding or not all have just brown can be bright red..just means implantation is fresh....just made lol....anyway i just knew that was not my was a week early and lasted only a day and a just was not the cycle is 33 and period last always 5 days...oh and a week later no period came around at tummy has been feeling body aches like i ran some of diet even changed on emotional....i cry over commercials lol....felt nausea for a whole day...( ginger helped by the way)...also headaches im getting on regular basis....mild ones now..and i never get headaches or any of these symptoms no matter wht.....even when i have my period in the past i never had cramps or anything which is wht makes this sooo weird...oh and most importantly im missing one thing from here lol yup i still dont have the beauty of the pee stick with my im not worried because every women is different and hormones do really blood test even came out negative.....ive heard of lots of cases where hcg just doesnt show till test is gusranteed...also male gender takes longer for hcg to kickin at times ....there is sooo much of our bodies we or doctors even scientist dont understand yet......instincts is always the jewel though.....oh by the way i ovulated i believe the 2 nd week of last period was may 30th.....also ive had lots of white creamy cm and some snot like cm for weeks now def not ovulation.....also i decided to take an ovulation test just for fun this past love im a week late and have been having dark positive ovulation test results ...darker then the control line....if anyone understands biology they will know that this makes sense......ovulation test can also detect hcg not only lh because these two hormones are similar in the sense that they both have glycoprotien therefore the ovulation test cannot differentiate from the two so it detects either its up to u to do the math of expected period and when u think u ovulated just makes it easier to detectpreg......this is way more sensitive test .....realistically the truth about the preg h g test are not really that sensitive....if u really dig in there and read the right source it will tell u there scams basically and you should really wait atleat a week to two weeks after missed period....because hcg does really vary in each women.....but ovulation test works..
Sometime you habe to think outside the box....anyway sweetie i wish u the best...hope to hear any new updates...take care
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