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Re: September Board
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Tara: You will get a BFP! I know you will.

Amy: Baby handprints are fun to work with because you can see the growth with their hands. One day they might be small and the next the hand will be just a little bit bigger

Brie: sorry about the migraine, I hate those!! I've had one for a while now that I have put it in the back of my mind so I can do other things. I hope you feel better.

Afm: I woke up let the dogs out and didn't out them back in their kennel it's the weekend I never keep them in there. I turn around and Belle is squatting in my couch pooping! I rubbed her nose next to it and put all of the dogs to bed. Hopefully an hour in the kennel will be enough for them to behave! Not a good way to wake up.
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