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Re: September Board
Tara- Your appointment is next week? Or the one after? I hope it goes well.

Christine- Glad to see all is going well. The FB page is a great idea.

Alix- Last year for Christmas we made hand print ornaments. Crafts with kids are the funnest! We also made a traced hand print tree with foam heart leaves for Valentines. A hand print rainbow for St. Patrick's day and hand print butterfly terra cotta pots for Mother's day. :smileyhappy: Seeing a theme? LOL We also made contact paper fake stained glass eggs for Easter and ones that said DAD or PAPA for Father's day. I try to keep Nathan busy. Now that he is getting bigger we can branch out and do more as well. Next week we're making the tissue paper stained glass things in pumpkin, ghost and bat shapes.

AFM- We have a lovely yellow balloon this week. Nathan had fun at the preschool prep again but one of the kids bullies him a bit and he doesn't get standing up for himself, nor does he really understand what is going on yet. But the kid pushed him down, took the trains from him and pushed him out of the way numerous times and then hit him in the head with a light saber type sword. I'm not sure the best way to deal with it. The mom tells the kid not to but he doesn't seem to get it, the kid is 2 and a half or so, noticeably bigger then Nathan. I don't see him bullying the other kids either so I don't get it.
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