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I'm here! :smileyhappy:  I have been attempting to keep up with reading--however, posting is a whole other story!  I HATE posting on my phone so it makes it hard because I barely have time during the week actually ON the computer! 


Jordyn is 12 weeks old already and doing well!  She is still super calm and a great sleeper!  We get a good amount of sleep at night--so that is always nice! :smileyhappy:  Usually we get up once between 2-4 and then again at 6:30.  Although the last few days she has been staying up until like 11-12 and then not getting up until I wake her up around 6-6:30 so she can nurse before I have to get up and get ready for work!  I am pumping while I am at work and have been able to keep up, so that is awesome!  I don't really pump more than she drinks--but that's ok!  All I care about is pumping enough for her to make it through the day!  I do have some freezer supply in case she needs extra--but so far so good! :smileyhappy:   I started back at Job #2 a couple weeks ago--but, I had strict rules--ONLY saturday's--and NO MORE than 6 hours, preferably ONLY 4.  And they agreed.  I was ready to quit--but they ok'd my request!  So that's awesome!  I am nervous about holiday season--but, for now it is working so I will stay.  :smileyhappy:  Plus the discount is awesome!


Here is a few recent pictures! :smileyhappy:  They are from last weekend when we did our annual 5K run for my grandma and the local cancer center.  Jordyn is wearing a burgandy and white bow because those are the colors of my grandma's cancer ribbon! Enjoy!



PS>>I haven't seen any posts from Haley or Nicole--does anyone have them on facebook?  How are they doing?  We should start a facebook page to keep up with each other!  Sometimes its a lot easier to keep up/post on there then on here!

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