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Re: September Board
Tara: I'm sorry about the water heater and AF. I was really hoping to have you as a belly buddy. I hope that the new water heater stays good for a long time!!

Alexx: I hope the clomid works for you!! Kmfc!!

Amy: I told you I was slow. I should have know that. That is great that you are using Nathan's art for Christmas gifts and such. I want to do stuff like that too.

Brie: Hope school is going good.

Has anyone heard from Christine, Nicole, and Hailey?

Afm: work is gong by fast today which is a good thing. I need to stay busy. When I get home it's clean hype kitchen and wash the dogs. Then the weekend is revamp the house and play with the dogs. A few more days til th dh gets home!

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