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Re: September Board
Alix- MOPS=Mothers of preschoolers. It's a moms group that is normally through the church.

Tara- Bummer about the hot water heater and AF. Not cool. I oddly had a dream last night that our water heater went out. Strange.

AFM- Busy day. MOPS, friends visited for an unexpected but good playdate, swim lessons and glee tonight. Good day. Tomorrow we have the preschool prep group through a different moms group. We've been keeping busy busy. Our craft was a jenga piece turned into keychain. Really neat. I will do a tiny blog on it this week and a bigger one closer to Christmas as I've got a great idea to do with that for the family for Christmas that involved Nathans coloring and hopefully cutting things out with the cricut. We'll see how it works, but I'm excited for the idea. I'm already making fridge magnets with the flattened marbles and Nathans art for everyone. Well, so far Nathan is making them by drawing almost everyday, I'm just passing it off as fun coloring. LOL
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