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Re: September Board
Brie- My DH and I are like that as well, we do things together but separate. But mentally not having him here was rough. Congrats on AF! LOL.

Alix- Pregnancy hormones are evil things... necessary but evil. *hugs* I'll ever be in the military and I'll stick by that one, LOL, they wouldn't want me anyways I'm too broken.

AFM- Our first MOPS meeting of the year today. My table seems nice and down to earth. THANK GOODNESS. You never quite know what you're going to get when you are randomly assigned. We made neat little key chains out of jenga tiles, now I want to make those to go with the marble magnets I'm already planning on making for Christmas. Both would be made with Nathan's art. So now I gotta get him coloring even more! :smileyvery-happy: Good thing he loves it. LOL Still trying to decide the best way to do the keychains. Right now I'm tihnking one side his art with their names on top and the other sides paper I think they would enjoy. I love me a good craft project.
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